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A long tradition in the production of preparations for desserts, which in time has been enriched with excellent creations making dishes rich in taste and flavour. San Martino is the mark of excellence for chocolate pudding, a dessert that is like a journey into the discovery of taste sensations that enhance the pleasures of the table. sweets mix production, chocolate pudding
In addition to the famous chocolate pudding, St. Martin lines up for offer cakes and desserts that wins the tastes of young and old, prepared for cakes without added sugar, ideal for those who follow a diet without sugar and new preparations for rich cakes and biscuits fiber and natural ingredients. preparation for sugar-free cakes, production of preparations for pies and cakes
To mark St. Martin joined the brand MenuOro which bind to the prepared chocolate desserts and cakes made with dark chocolate fondant, and the mark Ferioli, with the line of tasteless bulls and preparations for broth. An extensive catalog of recipes for cakes and traditional dishes and creative recipes are available in the section. prepared desserts chocolate, flavor enhancers dishes, prepared broth

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