The supplier management policy

Cleca's goal is the satisfaction of its customers and, to achieve it, it focuses on its production process but also on the quality of the supply process.

To be a supplier of Cleca S.p.A. it’s necessary to overcome the initial qualification, which is differentiated by field (quality / ethics) and by type of supply (ingredients, packaging, services, etc.).
In the Quality field, the company focus is the selection of suppliers for whom the risk analysis has given a favorable outcome, considering the origin of raw materials, intrinsic risks (raw materials/packaging), fraud risk, presence of certifications, outcomes of specific questionnaires.

In particular, for suppliers of raw materials, the significance is on microbiological risks, presence of contaminants (pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, etc.), management of allergens, prevention of foreign bodies, absence of GMOs, traceability, absence of ionizing radiation, analytical plans; for packaging suppliers, it’s necessary the declaration of suitability for food contact, possible guarantees regarding emerging issues, analytical certificates.

Cleca establishes a collaborative dialogue with its suppliers for mutual continuous improvement, in particular, Cleca asks to its suppliers to be available for execution of audits, to reply quickly in case of collections/recalls or RASFF alerts, to share new product developments or for substitutions of ingredients involved in problems.

The monitoring of the supply chain, from an ethical point of view, is a fundamental element to complete the evaluation; an integral part of the supplier qualification procedure it concerns the work exploitation, health and safety and discrimination, in addition, obviously, to the compliance with all applicable regulations. In case of suppliers with distribution-only activities, they must ensure the same requirements from their direct supplier.
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