Good for nature, people and thingsi

For more than 80 years Cleca spa's choices have been guided by an idea "Think today about what the future holds for us", which is why every day we choose to enforce a sustainable production policy. The care and dedication, which the products are manufactured with, is accompanied by a constant commitment to reducing the environmental impact in the manufacturing processes, in the distribution phase and in the consumption of our products;
This allows us to bring into the homes of Italians products rich in taste and with A low environmental impact.




To achieve this goal we are committed to principles such as prevention, protection and continuous improvement in order to increase the sustainability of activities, products and services. We encourage the maximum participation of our employees and associates in prevention actions to identify sources of risk and environmental impact, involving and empowering all levels of the company. These important commitments can be achieved through two important goals.


Increasingly sustainable production

Starting from 2013 as regards the San Martino plant, and from 2021 for the Mantova plant, it has significantly reduced the energy requirements thanks to the photovoltaic system producing energy for its own consumption. Moreover, LED lamps combined with automatic on/off systems replaced most of the traditional lighting.

The attention to the saving of resources translates into the attention to the recovery of packaging materials that, where possible after a proper process of reconversion, are reused in production processes. Material that cannot be reconverted internally is collected and sorted to be sent for recovery and in special external plants.

The consumption of water resources is another issue addressed by Cleca, in fact the surplus water used in production processes is collected and properly treated and then be reused in the next production cycle. In addition, a steam recovery system, used in the sterilization process, is being studied to heat the plants by reducing the use of fossil energy sources.

The issue of distribution and procurement represents a further challenge that the company has set itself with a view to greater sustainability. Logistics was furthermore developed to minimize its impact by reducing the number of transports, storage locations and optimizing loads.

All this allows us to save direct CO2 emissions in addition to indirect emissions..


Sustainable Products

The search for ever greater sustainability led Cleca to invest in organic farming and to use natural ingredients instead of chemical ones. In our factories, more and more raw materials from organic farming and natural ingredients are being used to replace industrial production substitutes. In addition, in 2015 Cleca became an RSPO member in order to be part of the supply chain that promotes the production of sustainable palm oil. This means that Cleca uses palm oil produced according cultivation practices that respect tropical forests and their ecosystems.

Since 2019 Cleca spa has been certified UTZ to promote the use and dissemination of raw materials from sustainable cultivation.

For the company, sustainability means not only research and innovation, but also the recovery of ancient traditions. Among our best-selling products is in fact the "Lievito Antica Ricetta", whose formulation takes up the ancient recipe with "Cremore di Tartaro". This ingredient, naturally present in grapes, is deposited when the wine is left to rest in tanks and, wisely mixed, it makes the cakes rise.

Among the company's decisions in terms of sustainability, there is the choice to use less and less plastic for the packaging materials, by launching products characterized by the claim "-75% of plastic".

In advance of the new European legislation on plastic packaging, Cleca decided to invest in recyclable packaging, in fact a part of our primary packaging is 100% recyclable, others will be shortly. Furthermore, where possible, secondary packaging is made exclusively of recycled cardboard, also FSC certified.


Corporate Value

In order to better protect the commitment for the environment, Cleca has begun the procedure for obtaining the certification ISO14001 to increase and improve the energetic and environmental efficiency. Such process standard allows to highly reduce the costs related to energetic and environmental consumption, monitoring the environmental impact and systematically researching for improvement in a coherent, effective and above all sustainable way.

Sensitivity to sustainability is a corporate value shared with all employees who are periodically involved in information and training programs on environmental issues.

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