Cleca is an important reference in the food sector, thanks to the quality of its product range, which has always been the key to its success, and a mix of innovative and classical products, such as the Budino S.Martino (S.Martino pudding).

Back in the 1930’s, the founder started to work in a small workshop where a few preparations were made for bread and desserts. There, he discovered his skills and passion for cuisine, which would lead him to establish the company Cleca.

Today, focussing on training, research, staff qualification, and quality system and integrated control, we continue to bring creativity to the Italians’ households, transforming the most innovative ideas in simple dishes, to make and taste.



Clearco Cantoni’s passion in mixing baking powders and ingredients for cooking led him to establish his own business: our company CLECA S.Martino was born.

Several products were created, which brought innovation and modernised the preparation of traditional dishes in the Italians’ kitchens: SuperlievitoItalpan, and the Super Brodo stock cube conquered the market.

The Superbudino S.Martino, delicious and easy to make, becomes the symbol of Cleca philosophy: making creative cuisine accessible to all, without jeopardising quality.

The historic production plant is built in San Martino Dall'Argine, one of the most important production facilities in our area.

Cleca continues to develop, new processes are industrialised, and the productive capacity increases significantly. 

The marketing department also grows remarkably, thanks to significant investments in advertising and communication. 

Acquisition of historic brands - Ferioli, Orma, MenuOro, In3pido. At the same time, a new, technologically advanced production plant is taken over, enabling Cleca to guarantee considerable production volumes.

Following significant investments in R&D, production is diversified. Production capacity and company technologies increase, so that the company can meet the needs of an increasingly challenging market and comply with a set of consumer protection rules that are increasingly strict. 

With further enlargements of its historic production plant, Cleca keeps improving from a logistic and technological viewpoint, thus becoming an increasingly modern and innovative company. 

Cleca achieves the important goal of 80 years of activity.
A sweet Italian story that continues today with the values ​​of all time. 

Cleca group strengthens its path of growth and innovation by purchasing Bottoli spa, a historic company active in the sector of Bakery and Bread Substitutes. The new industrial reality can count on four modern production centers, three different Research and Development laboratories and two logistics centers.

After over 80 years, Cleca is now a partner of the most important large retailers, both Italian and international. It offers a wide range of specialities, with different brands and for specific market segments, complying with the highest certification standards.