Cleca pays great attention to food safety and environmental issues.

The product quality is one of the main aspects every company looks out for. In order to gain success, a company must:

  • Comply with the legislation in force;
  • Develop new products in accordance with food safety;
  • Maintain high quality levels;
  • Respond to the clients’ and consumers’ expectations;
  • Comply with the rules and standards applicable to a specific process;
  • Maintain high competitiveness levels.

The CEO of Cleca acknowledges the necessity to show his clients the quality level achieved in the execution of the work entrusted to the company and, as a consequence, he sets as a main goal the capacity of the structure to operate with methodologies of Quality Assurance. For this reason, the plants of San Martino dall’Argine (registered office), Mantova and Bologna apply a certified Quality Management System.

In case extraordinary events cause the impossibility to produce in one of the plants, the other ones will be able to temporarily compensate for the market needs in order to maintain the supply chain of some of the products.

Further objectives are set during the Management Review (made once per year or more, if necessary) to aim for a continuous improvement of the Quality Management System, of the company and of its employees. Such goals will be indicated in the Annual Improvement Plan which is an integral part of the Quality Management System and has to be shared with all human resources involved.

Cleca has always been engaged in constantly improving its processes, to meet the highest global standards in our sector. Everything we offer our partners and consumers is certified in every step of the productive process and complies with the most demanding protocols concerning quality and the selection of ingredients and methods used.


BRC (British Retail Consortium): it represents the specific global standard for the safety of agri-food products. The certification aims to ensure that the Suppliers and Sellers belonging to large retailers guarantee the quality and safety of food products they propose to their customers.

IFS: The International Food Standard is a recognised model in Germany and is rapidly spreading in other European Countries. It aims to foster the effective selection of food suppliers to large retailers, based on their ability to supply products that are safe, compliant to contract specifications, and legal requirements. The standard identifies specific elements of a management system focussing on quality and hygiene of products.

GLUTEN-FREE FOOD, DISTRIBUTABLE PRODUCT: Cleca obtained the Authorization by the Ministry of Health to produce and package products that are specifically formulated for customers with gluten intolerance, and therefore to place the green label for gluten-free products. Green label products are regulated by Legislative Decree No 111/92, and their cost is refundable.

CE MARK: Community recognition issued by the veterinary department of the Regions involved, given to the premises where products of animal origin are produced and marketed, under REG. 853/CE/2004. Cleca obtained the recognition number B106Z.

SA8000: certification based on the principles of the 11 ILO conventions, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it means Social Accountability and is the first international standard on social accountability. With this certification, Cleca safeguards people and their work, in every aspect, and requests that its Suppliers comply with the same rules.

FDA: Cleca is accredited and registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which regulates food and pharmaceutical products sold in the USA, to export products packaged in Italy to the U.S. 

CERTIFICATION FOR ORGANIC PRODUCTS: Cleca has been possessing this certification for years, since it has been following the production standards for organic products as regulated by EC Regulations No 834/07 and 889/08. The ingredients we use for our organic products come from a different agricultural conception, in harmony with the environment and the needs of man. A natural production, which rejects the use of GMOs and chemical pesticides. 

CERTIFICATION FOR VEGAN PRODUCTS: a certification on a voluntary basis, which aims to guarantee to consumers the absence of any substance of animal origin. 


RSPO: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil certification guarantees consumers that the palm oil used is certified as sustainable and traceable along the whole supply chain, starting from plantation.

UTZ CERTIFIED: UTZ is a global certification program that defines social and environmental standards in agricultural production of coffee, cocoa and tea. Companies that use UTZ certification can guarantee their customers that the supply of coffee, cocoa and tea comes from responsible agricultural productions. The UTZ-Cacao certification represents an opportunity for Cleca to be an active part of a continuous improvement system aimed at safeguard of environment and socio-economic conditions of involved subjects. 

GREEN ENERGY: Cleca has always had a "green" heart, which is why it has chosen to use Certified Green Energy in its factories, that is energy from renewable energy sources.

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