CLECA will be present at the 8th edition of the Diabetes Marathon "Green Edition". “Because we do not want the diabetes to have the power to decide on anyone’s life someday! Run with us!”

Do you know why we decided to join the protagonists of the 8th edition of the Diabates Marathon? Because diabetes is a pandemic in the pandemic, which affects 5 million people in Italy and those who live with diabetes cannot put it on stand-by waiting for the Codiv-19 emergency to be over. Because diabetes is forever and we do not want it to decide on anyone’s life someday!

CLECA has always been committed to supporting charitable initiatives and it actively participates in this important event whose proceeds will contribute to improve the life of adults and children with diabetes, financing professionals, sanitary equipment, training camps for families and home health care for more fragile people.

This year’s edition will be “Green”, to look at each other again and to hug one another with the eyes, the event will be kept in safe conditions by applying the necessary protocols and it will take place in green areas that allow distancing. At the same time the event will be “online” in order for everyone to enjoy the entire program from anywhere.

Diabetes Marathon "Green Edition" will be inaugurated on 11th June at Chiostro di San Francesco nearby the Biblioteca Malatestiana in Cesena. On Sunday 13th June the "DIABETES MARATHON WALK AND RUN, URBAN TRAIL" will take place, a path in the nature that stars from Piazza Saffi in Forlì to discover the territory and uncontaminated places, it is safe and suitable for the whole family. The Diabetes Marathon is “Run with your heart” wherever you are, because diabetes won’t stop. Who wants will be able to walk the perfect paths for them, at the seaside or in the mountains and people will be able to follow at home, participating with a donation and connecting live for the digital version of the event, to live fully this great solidarity competition.

The second part of the event will take place in October 2021 with Diabetes Marathon Health, a moment of training for patients and families that includes the ECM course for healthcare professionals. Each participant will be given the kit "I love Diabetes Marathon", full of surprises.