Our policy about cookies.

Cookies are short text files that are downloaded on the User’s device when you visit a website. At each following visit, cookies are sent again to the website that originated them (first-party cookies) or to another website that recognise them (third-party cookies). Cookies are useful because allow a website to recognise the User’s device. They have various purposes like, for example, to allow you to surf the Internet efficiently between the pages, to remember your favourite websites and, in general, to improve your browsing navigation.
According to the function and the purposes of usage, cookies can be subdivided into technical cookies, profiling cookies and third-party cookies.

These Cookies have the purpose of enabling functions without which it would not be possible to use the site fully.
These Cookies allow the functioning of procedures based on more steps (more following pages, for example a contact request), they allow to keep track of user’s choices on the content of the site to visualize and the functionalities to activate or disable.
A Cookie of this type is also used to store the user’s decision about the usage of cookies on our website.

Essential Cookies cannot be disabled using the functions of the site.
As part of technical cookies fall within also those used to analyse statistically access or visits to the site, called also “analytics”, that pursue exclusively statistical purposes and they collect information in aggregated form without the possibility of tracing it back to the identification of the single user.

Analytics Cookies can also be third-party cookies (Google Analytics) for which you have to refer, for a further deepening, to the privacy of the respective holder.


Session Cookies have the purpose of improve the user’s experience of the site suggesting content similar to the preferences expressed by the user during the navigation, according to the content visualised and other behavioural parameters.

User can decide to disable the usage of single Cookies of the site through the appropriate options of own browser.

In this case some of the site functionalities might not be available.


The site uses some external functionalities or contains some external links with the purpose of improving the integration with third-party sites of common usage and the sociability of the site (for example sharing buttons of Facebook, Google, etc. or the connection with Linkedin and YouTube).

Such functionalities and links could determinate the use of third-party cookies for which you refer to the specific privacy published on the single holders' sites.


It’s possible to disable cookies using the options made available by your browser.

The following are some examples relating to the most frequent browser.

Internet Explorer

  • Select Tools on the menu bar
  • Click on Internet Options
  • Click on the General sheet, that is under the heading “Exploration chronology” and click on “Delete”


  • Select Tools on the menu bar
  • Click on Options
  • Click on Privacy sheet
  • Click on “Cancel now”
  • Select “Cookie”
  • Click on “Delete personal data now”

Google Chrome

  • Click on the icon of the wrench on the top right of the browser
  • Click on “Options”
  • Click on “Stuff geeks”
  • Click on the button “Content Settings” in the Privacy section
  • Click on the button “Cancel navigation data”


  • Go to Safari menu (icon on the top right of the browser) and select Preferences
  • In the popup window that opens, select the Security icon (shape of lock)
  • Under the entry “Accept Cookie”, select the button “Never”
This website uses technical and third-party cookies to collect statistical information on users. To find out more and learn how to manage cookies, click here. If you continue browsing the website, going to other areas or selecting an item - for example, an image or a link - you thereby give your consent to the use of cookies and to the other profiling technologies we use. To hide this message, click here.